Technology And Innovation In Orthodontics

Technology and innovation are the driving factors in most leading industries. Therefore, we have several advancements taking place in all major industries, especially on the medical field. Due to the fact there are so branches that fall under medicine and science, there are several innovations that are part of the field.  

For this particular page, however we shall look at the various innovations that are part of orthodontics as well as how these technologies can help both the doctors and the patients to achieve their goal.

Advances in Orthodontic Technology

Technology and innovation is part of all fields, be it leisure or medical. While these innovations may not happen at the same time, we know that they will happen at some point. Therefore, just because there are changes in the world of online casino and gambling, does not mean that there will be changes in the field of medicine at eth same time. But when those changes do occur, we make sure to write and brag about them as we are doing now. 

  1. Digital X-Rays and 3D Imagining

    With digital x-rays as well 3D imagining, orthodontists can get a better structure of the mouth. And this also means that they will be able to assist the patient better because they know where the problem lies. Also, with the use of these digital x-rays and 3D imagining, the orthodontists do not have to wait long for the x-rays as they will now be readily accessible. 

  2. iTero Scanner for Digital Impressions

    All thanks to technology and innovation, creating braces for a client has also become a lot easier. We give all the credit to the iTero scanner that will allow the orthodontist to create the teeth impressions digitally instead of manually. 

    This they can easily do by scanning the mouth of the patient  and then transfer the image to the computer, the whole process taking just a few minutes. One of the main advantages of using the iTero scanner is that the digital impressions are more accurate which will then reduce the number of fit issues which is usually the problem with a number of braces. 

  3. Nickel and Copper-Titanium Wires

    When braces first got into the picture a number of them used metal. However, these days, there has been the prevalent use of nickel and copper-titanium wires. The reason why braces are now made with these wires is because they respond better to the heat that is in the mouth. This means that it will be easier for them to bed as well as tighten naturally when the teeth shift. As such, reducing the number of tightening appointments that the patient will have to attend.


Wrapping it all up, there are a number of technological innovations that are slowly creeping into the field of orthodontists. All these innovations making the job easier for the orthodontist as well making the overall procedure more bearable to the patient. 

The above mentioned innovations are not the only ones that are in the world of orthodontists, they are but a chip of the iceberg. This is as technology changes with each passing day, meaning that more and more innovations are entering the field of orthodontists.