If you want to correct your teeth, visit dentistry early

First consult an orthodontist teacher

 If you want to correct your teeth, visit dentistry earlyIt takes a certain amount of time to correct the teeth, so it is necessary to plan and proceed with treatment appropriately. Once you have decided on an orthodontic teacher, we recommend that you check with your teacher before you begin treatment. For example, when it comes to orthodontic treatment that moves the entire upper and lower teeth, some people may need partial extraction for orthodontic treatment even for healthy teeth because their jaws are small. It does not mean that you can pull out any tooth, but the teacher will specify which tooth to pull out, so be careful not to make a mistake. If possible, it is better to be able to get in touch with the orthodontist who comes to the clinic for preparation. It is often reassuring that the two sides are well coordinated.

On top of that, the treatment of tooth decay and periodontal disease

There are other reasons why you should go to your dentist before starting orthodontic treatment. One of the most common cases of tooth extraction for orthodontics is the wisdom tooth problem. Sometimes it can be found on x-rays, but wisdom tooth that has not actually grown can grow sideways in the back of the gums. If that happens, the orthodontic treatment will be obstructed depending on the direction in which it grows, so it is not possible to start the orthodontic treatment without extracting the teeth beforehand. In addition, if orthodontic treatment begins, it is easy to have tooth decay, and if you have tooth decay, you will have to stop the treatment. If you do not complete the treatment of tooth decay and periodontal disease, corrective treatment will not proceed as scheduled, so be sure to see a dentist in advance.